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Friction material equipment series
Commutator equipment series
Multi-station hydraulic press
Other hydraulic press
Auxiliary tool
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Hot Keywords Hydraulic Friction material Commutator punch press
Brake pads Equipment Series
Semi-automatic Press For Brake Pads-Back Metal First
Press For Brake Pads-powder first
Automatic Hydraulic Press for Brake Pads-Cooling Press
Sem-automatic Press Machine for Drum Brakes
Sem-automatic Clutch hydraulic Press
High Speed Back Metal Press Machine
Automatic Weighting Machine For Friction Material
Hot Mold FOr Brake Pads
Cutting Mold
Weighting Tool For Motorcycle Brake Pads Press
Commutatior Press Machine Series
Semi-automatic Press for Commutators
2-2 full-automatic press for commutators
2-3 separating machine
Other PRess Machine
Multistation Hydraulic Press For Start Drive
Multistation Hydraulic Press for Fuel Filter
High Speed Hydraulic Press
Four-column Under Cyliner High Speed Hydraulic Press
Multi-station rotary equial press machine for brake pads
Press for Melamine Product Series
Top Cylinder for Melamine Product
Under Cylinder for Melamine Product
Add:Kunyang town Zhejiang County of Pingyang province Mount Huangshan Industrial Zone
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To grasp the industry's most advanced suppression techniques. Applied for national invention patent. Successfully developed a special press and theory, good reputation, is one of our foothold
Can be customized according to the requirements of special pressure machine. Independently develop, design, production through-train service. March of the hydraulic system for domestic initiative, filled the gap technology
March compressor with low energy consumption, low noise, low oil temperature. Energy conservation and emissions reduction is the design idea, respect the habits and use of the operator, to obtain the basic operating personnel's consistent high praise.
24 hours to accept consulting, professional sales system, familiar with modern sales office software, office supplies, breaking the traditional sales idea, make full use of the new ideas of the new century: the exhibition, network. Entity indiscriminately.
Equipped with professional equipment engineer, electrical engineer, timely solve, feedback customers after-sales problems. After customer purchase, timely follow-up usage, to ensure that customers buy after still enjoy warm experience of sales process.
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Zhejiang Liqi Machinery Co., Ltd (the original company: Pingyang Liqi Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd ),a member of friction & seal material association, is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in hydraulic machine design, development, manufacturing and technical service. Our main product is professional hydraulic press for car and motorcycle brake pads, such as semi-automatic press for brake pads-back metal first and powder first. These Machine is well received by the masses of users and won several national patents because of its strong practicability, high efficiency, and stable quality.
In recently years, according to the need of our clients, we produce another two professional kinds of press for commutators and melamine tableware products.
In 2015,our company has successfully developed the full-automatic 12-stations rotated press machine for brake pads. (automatic powder weighting,move to the mold and separate) .
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